Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Doing Germany

19072821Agnieszka Paletta did what most of us only dream about doing – she quit her job, family and friends and traveled to live in a foreign country. And what’s more, she did this more than once. Call it reckless or fearless, that is she.

This laid-back, entertaining book is the story of this Polish-Canadian-lover-of-Italy’s move to Germany, a new frontier. Through her eyes, discover the curiosities of her surroundings; love some and gape at others, yearn for home, try to buy one, laugh with her and at her.

DOING GERMANY is travel writing at its best: a funny, irresistible portrait of Germany, set against the backdrop of Paletta’s relationship and vigorous loyalties as well as her devotion to Poland, Canada and Italy.

*May Contain Spoilers*

Agnieszka Paletta definitely did what I and many others have dreamed, planned out, but never actually went through with in her travel novel, Doing Germany. She decided one day to leave Canada and travel: to Poland, Italy, and Germany with other stops along the way. 

Doing Germany is a collection of short essays presented in a linear timeline. Through the tidbits of information she shares and the outline of her experiences, readers will have an easy time connecting to Paletta. She's funny, addicted to chocolate, open, adventurous, and maybe a little stubborn (refusing to learn German and all c:). Readers see her relationship with M, her husband, bloom while they live in Germany, a country that Paletta hadn't really wanted to visit and/or live in. 

The writing style is easy to follow with plenty of explanation, which is necessary when discussing foreign countries. A few of the essays were less than interesting while others were quite funny. All were enjoyable, especially for readers who are fascinated by life in foreign countries, like I am. Paletta does a wonderful job transporting readers to Germany and letting them experience small adventures along side her, but I would have liked to see the book begin when Paletta got to Italy or Poland. I think it would have been that much more fascinating to witness her arrival in a foreign country, her unhappiness with the situation, and her decision to have a bigger adventure. 

Rating: 3/5 Cups

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