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15769788Wren Connolly thought she'd left her human side behind when she dies five years ago and came back 178 minutes later as a Reboot. With her new abilities of strength, speed, and healing—along with a lack of emotions—Wren 178 became the perfect soldier for HARC (Human Advancement and Repopulation Corporation). Then Callum 22 came along and changed everything.

Now that they've both escaped, they're ready to start a new life in peace on the Reboot reservation. But Micah 163, the Reboot running the reservation, has darker plans in mind: to wipe out the humans. All of them. Micah has been building a Reboot army for years and is now ready to launch his attack on the cities. Callum wants to stick around and protect the humans. Wren wants nothing more than to leave all the fighting behind them.

With Micah on one side, HARC on the other, and Wren and Callum at odds in the middle, there's only one option left...

*May Contain Spoilers*

If you're reading this, then Wren and Callum escaped the Reboot facility in Rosa and Callum received the antidote. Rebel, the sequel to Reboot by Amy Tintera, picks up exactly where the first installment left off, immediately bringing readers back into the escape to a more peaceful place for the main characters. Not that that happens...

Wren and Callum lead a revolution in this sequel and readers will only find their connections deepen as each page is turned. When the two heroes, and a couple shuttles full of rescued Reboots, show up at the safe haven for Reboots, they don't expect an army as a welcome mat, nor a battle with HARC officers. It doesn't take them very long to realize that this Reboot city is a dictatorship led by a strongly opinionated Reboot who refuses to let anyone stand in his way.

Readers know that Wren has slightly stilted emotions, but she's learning. As the novel progresses, readers see Wren fight for her life, defend a population that hates and fears her, all while trying to protect her fellow reboots. Callum is no doubt the sweetest character in the novels. He cares so deeply and that may label him as weak. But the moment that Wren's in trouble, readers see a man who is willing to do anything to save her. The connection between readers and the main characters will only further solidify in this sequel. 

The plot of Rebel begins with Wren, Callum, and the Reboot Rescues finding the safe city for Reboots. They're welcomed but soon learn that Micah, the leader, has a plan to free all reboots and kill all humans. Knowing there are good humans still out there, Wren and Callum refuse to help. Her open defiance of Micah causes him to take some pretty extreme measures to shut her up and keep his role as leader. After Callum learns what Micah has done, he leads a revolt. And the Reboots follow. For lovers of the first book, Rebel is the perfect sequel. It seems like there was no time between books one and two, a rare and special thing in a series. Amy Tintera satisfies her fans and we can only hope for more! 

Rating: 4.5/5 Cups

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