Friday, June 12, 2015

Finding the Rainbow

23339574Holly Newbury’s life is on hold in the cozy English village of Chilton Crosse. While her friends are marrying, having children, and embarking on successful careers, Holly is raising her three younger sisters and working part time at the village art gallery. Her life feels incomplete, but family is more important to her than anything. Then a film crew’s arrival galvanizes the community, and Holly becomes fast friends with Fletcher Hays, the movie’s love-shy American writer.

The production of an Emma film isn’t the only drama in town, though. Their father makes a choice that threatens everything she gave up her dreams for. Holly’s sisters endure growing pains. And Fletcher plans to return to America as soon as filming is over, ruining any chance of their relationship blossoming further. After years of sacrificing for others, Holly must find the courage to take a risk on a future she never dared to expect.

*May Contain Spoilers*

Traci Borum continues sharing Chilton Crosse with readers in her new book, Finding the Rainbow, the sequel to Painting the Moon. Though Adam and Noelle make their own appearances, this novel focuses on Holly, who has her own love story to share. 

Holly is a young woman in her late twenties, living back at home, helping raise her three younger sisters since their mother passed away six years prior. Holly is an engaging, busy, aspiring woman who feels her life is in a sort of limbo. She left college to help her family, and though she continues to take online classes, Holly is unsure of her purpose. This is a foundation for readers to build upon. We've all wondered where our paths will take us, what our future holds. This uncertainty and vulnerability allows readers to care about Holly and her future. Her loving personality and understanding nature will only add to the initial character connection. 

Readers will also enjoy Fletcher, the Texan who's transplanted himself onto English soil. He's a sweet man who plays the hero to a few damsels in distress. Though the love story is slow, emulating Emma, I believe, since a film adaptation is being shot in Chilton Crosse, there is a romantic plot. The main focus of the novel is really just Holly. Borum explores her career goals, the relationship between her and her sisters, as well as her love life. Through ups and downs, readers watch as Holly's life becomes her own. 

The relaxed nature of the book did drive me a bit batty towards the end, as everything wraps up. I wanted a bigger climax in the romantic plot. Though the big scene is deliriously sweet, it's a little predictable. I loved watching the relationships between Holly and her sisters shift with various situations and events. I think that dynamic was my favorite. Also, I am a little jealous of a certain part of Miss Holly's happily ever after. The career that drops perfectly into her lap is a fond dream of my own (and other book lovers, I'm sure!). Finding the Rainbow elicits various emotions throughout and shows that there is also calm after the storm, when the rainbow appears. Readers who enjoy a book that takes its time and a love that is slow to bloom will thoroughly enjoy this meandering story.

Rating: 3.5/5 Cups

Book 1 of the Chilton Crosse Novels

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