Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Eve Brenner: Zombie Agent

24875118In the second installment of The Zombie Girl Saga, Eve teams up with CSIS to find out more about the Azrael Virus coursing through her veins. As she learns about the dangers of the virus, she also learns that there are some advantages to being less than human. Eve is quickly thrown into fieldwork to stop the spread of a virus that is spreading silently on a global level.

She might be the only hope the world has, but she’s running out of time.

*May Contain Spoilers*

Eve Brenner returns as an Agent for CSIS in book two of this zombie saga by A. Giacomi. Eve Brenner: Zombie Agent is bursting with intestines, brain matter, and the uncontrollable consumption of both. 

Eve is just as unlikeable and even more entertaining in this sequel than in book one. She's quick to anger and losing her humanity to the Azrael virus. Though she does manage to fall into a twisted zombie love. It's not quite heart warming, but it's close. In all seriousness, this is where the connection between Eve and readers lies. Bottom line, Eve wants to be accepted for the zombie version of herself and Marcus (Agent Williams) grants that wish. Everyone has self doubt and uncertainties... though they may not include blacking out from hunger and eat human beings. When we find someone who accepts us, flaws and all, it's an amazing feeling. The fact that Eve finds that will bring readers close to her. And when she is betrayed, so are the readers. 

Cam and Alex still play a role in this book, but they are dearly missed. Cam's story seems to get sadder and sadder as it goes. After the nightmare he had to experience in book one, he turns to drugs and alcohol to ease the pain. Alex's parents get a divorce and she struggles with an evil younger sister. They miss Eve and desperately need their friend back. Even though they don't appear very often, Cameron and Alex give the novel a more 'down-to-earth,' realistic aspect. 

The plot of Zombie Agent begins with Eve being promoted within CSIS from prisoner to participant. Agent Williams begins training Eve to protect herself, fight, and use automatic weapons. As zombie outbreaks begin occurring across the world, Eve and Agent Williams are sent out to stop them. But, there's more going on in the background of CSIS. Eve and Dr. August are betrayed as they discover their true purposes with the agency. When Agent Williams is revealed as a villain, book three is set up and readers are left in hiding with Eve, who is running out of time as the Azrael virus continues to take over her body and mind. Eve Brenner: Zombie Agent is a pretty entertaining sequel, with no less blood and guts than the first book.

Rating: 3/5 Cups

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