Saturday, February 27, 2016

There's Always Adventures in Love (Jade Mysteries #2)

26080863After Jade and Jasper solved the mystery of her mother's murder, they thought that was all behind them. Jade is trying to get back to her normal life and feels like she has uncovered enough family secrets. But when little Casey is kidnapped and security issues arise within the family company; Jade is drawn back into the chaos. While trying to avoid getting involved with a friend's search for Karen, Jade and Jasper find themselves caught up in another mystery not only involving murder, but a threat to their entire family.

*May Contain Spoilers*
The Jade Mysteries continue with the sequel There's Always Adventures in Love, by Joycie Russ. Jade and Jasper are married and happier than ever, but there's a whole heap of trouble coming their way and they have no idea who's behind it all.
Jade is an ex-detective with a heart of gold. She's completely in love with her husband Jasper who treats her like an absolute queen. Jade is a strong character who doesn't let fear interfere with what must be done. When she's in danger, her training immediately kicks in and she handles the situation, no matter how terrifying it can be. Readers will like her overall, but I think the romantic relationship between her and Jasper is a bit hard to believe. It's too rehearsed to be one hundred percent believable. The first half of the book seems to be about Jasper and Jade's romance, with a bit of teasing at the plot.
Jasper is a very romantic character, head over heels in love with Jade. But he's also the protector. He manages their security and helps the company to thrive. Though his position within the company isn't spelled out very well, he seems to come and go as he pleases. Jasper is written as a smart, intuitive character. He's the hub of all security measures and breaches. Though some readers will fall for Jasper's charms and thoughtful nature, others will think it's a bit over the top.
The plot of the novel is somewhat confusing. There's Always Adventures in Love doesn't seem to be a stand alone sequel. As a reader who missed out on the first book, I was utterly confused by all the characters and constant shifting of time and place. I think if what exactly happened in the first book was briefly reviewed in the beginning, it would open the story up to new readers of the mystery series. The plot didn't really form for me until the last half of the novel. With seemingly random kidnappings and murders, I was a little bit discouraged.
After Casey is kidnapped, about the halfway point, things come into focus. A small group of people, not introduced at the beginning, are looking for jewels that are hidden in different locations. When nearly all the villains are lying, it's hard to read the truth, but the last few chapters do a better job at clearing it up. Though I made it through the novel, the confusion remained. The writing style was very dialogue focused and with so many characters dumped on me, I often couldn't tell who was saying what nor what they're goal was. I did like the jewel thief mystery but it came a little late in the game. I'd have to recommend this mystery to those who like a good puzzle and readers who have already finished the first book.
Rating: 2/5 Cups

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