Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Sun That Shines & The Storm That Will Always Pass

This collection of poetry is about love, truth, life, and light. Four words everyone seems to live for. From the kings and queens of the world all the way down to the beggar on the street. All is a part of a living organism. It is of the wise soul who remembers his or her intrinsic personal philosophy while treading down the dark roads into the unknown.

Derek Warmington explores four main themes in his book of poetry, The Sun That Shines & The Storm That Will Always Pass. Those themes include love, truth, life, and light, outlined in the synopsis of the collection. Though how he illuminates these themes is the important aspect.
Warmington writes of love as something that can be chosen, as if it's sitting right in front of you. But also as something that happens, as if it's inspiration. The truth he writes of is a journey. He searches for the truth behind life, often including questions in his poems. The poems that focus on life hinge on the desire to live without fear and sometimes disagreeing with the search for meaning. He even toys with the idea that there is no meaning in life, it just simply is. And light, well, Warmington tackles the darkness of depression, exploring what exactly is meant by seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.
Warmington uses a few specific techniques in his poetry. The main one he uses is rhyme. Now, I'm not a big fan of rhyme because I think it can cause a line to be misinterpreted due to it's obvious emphasis on certain words. And I think that happens in some of the poetry in this collection. With Warmington's lack of punctuation to show where a thought begins and ends, the reader makes those choices subconsciously, which in turn can change the meaning of the poem. Warmington also uses alliteration and personification. In "Big World, Small Mind" he writes: "silent sidewalks sing their songs of sincere serenity," which exemplifies both techniques. Though these themes are universal, I think the focus on rhyme will hinder Warmington's connection with poetry readers.
Rating: 2.5/5 Cups

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