Wednesday, March 23, 2016

WWW Wednesday (195)

To play along just answer these three questions:

[x] What are you currently reading?

[x] What have you recently finished?

[x] What are you reading next?

20664686     25159211     20765972

01. Currently Reading:
After Dad by Ralph Cohen. A family goes on after their father, and husband, passes away from a heart attack. But they can still feel him there in the oddest moments. Really enjoying the various points of view in this novel.

02. Recently Finished:
The Changing Season by Steven Manchester. A young man just graduating high school must navigate the growth that comes with adulthood while discovering his passion, falling in love for the first time, and dealing with a horrible accident that shatters lives.

03. Reading Next:
Silent Night by C.J. Kyle. A serial killer strikes in Tennessee and a woman knows what's happening but the detective on the case doesn't want to listen. Until she becomes the next target.

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