Friday, June 10, 2016

Above the Flames

28940574Jasmine’s sixteenth birthday was the worst ever…

All in one day, her dad died, she met a demon, and her mother rejected her existence forever. After all, the demon who killed her dad was there to take her, and all because of her stupid powers—the ability to conjure blue flames.

Two years later, she’s happy. But happy never lasts…

After moving to Idaho to live with her grandparents, Jasmine has a new life. Almost nobody knows about her powers, and she’s just a normal teenager with normal problems. Then comes her eighteenth birthday—and the earthquake that changes her world forever.

An army of demons rise from Hell. And Jasmine is right in the middle of the battle…

When demons claw their way to Earth, Jasmine is surrounded by hundreds of fire-eyed beasts. Worse, she is captured by a big-shot demon named Bael. He’s a tricky foe with a chip on his shoulder—and the desire to make Jasmine use her powers for evil.

Amon is a fallen angel with an attitude—and everything to lose.

Successfully escaping the underworld undetected, Amon is on a quest to regain God’s grace when he rescues Jasmine from the clutches of a particularly nasty demon he knows all too well. The attraction between him and the not-entirely-human captive is instantaneous. Heavenly sparks fly, but ideas of romance will have to wait. First they have to stop the demon race from wiping out the mortal realm. Humanity’s fate rests in their hands.

Can two troubled angels rise above the flames to ensure a future for mankind? Or will Jasmine and Amon’s souls be bound together—in hell?

*May Contain Spoilers*

Many years ago, Heaven and Hell made a deal. If Hell could take down Heaven, then the demons of Hell would be free to try to take over the Earth in 100 days or less. To ensure a second option, five children were chosen to carry Angelic powers in hopes that one day they'd be ready to fight for Earth after Heaven was defeated. That time is now in Cassandra Fear's novel Above the Flames

The main characters include Jasmine, Amon, and Bael. All with incredibly different personalities, goals, and histories. Jasmine is a teenage girl who doesn't understand her powers or herself. She's a bit lost while feelings of unfairness and uncertainty swirl within her. She's also a cranky angsty teenager who loves to say 'fan-fricking-tastic,' which is an infixing I could do without. But she is brave, courageous, and loyal when she isn't being snappy and sarcastic. Readers will understand her reluctance at being a hero to the world. Fighting demons is scary business and Fear doesn't shy away from gruesome details. Readers will also connect with Jasmine emotionally after she loses her father, her mother, and both of her grandparents. Though there's more to lose in the 100 days of bloodshed. 

Amon is a fallen angel who spent quite a long time in Hell. Now that he's escaped with the rest of the demons, he's ready to make them pay with help from his friends. Amon is a little behind the times and that adds a side of humor to the book. It also garners the vote of confidence from readers. His admiration for Jasmine is genuine and I think readers will root for their relationship, if she can ever realize that he's truly helpful, strong, and caring. 

Bael is the bad guy, second in charge of Hell, kneeling only to Lucifer. Readers will hate him with a passion. He's horrid and fighting on the wrong side of readers. Bael is sort of intelligent yet malicious, jealous, and emotionless. Fear writes him as the perfect villain, but we haven't gotten to see what Lucifer has planned, so maybe he'll come in second on that list as well. 

The plot beings with Jasmine's father dying during a demon encounter then flashes forward two years. Hell has beaten Heaven and it's time to scorch the Earth. Amon and his fallen angels make contact with Jasmine and two other Angel Blessed (humans blessed with Angelic powers). They decide to join together to defeat the demons. Meanwhile, Bael tries to kidnap all of the Angel Blessed in order to convert them to his side. Bloodshed is bountiful as angel faces demon in this supernatural showdown. And it's only the beginning as this is the first in a trilogy. The storyline keeps the interest of readers while Fear sets up the war, but I hope in the future books Jasmine grows into a more level-headed character who isn't so quick to anger. I fear it may be her Achilles' heel. 

Rating: 3/5 Cups

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