Monday, July 18, 2016

Indiana Belle (American Journey #3)

29922773Providence, Rhode Island, 2017. When doctoral student Cameron Coelho, 28, opens a package from Indiana, he finds more than private papers that will help him with his dissertation. He finds a photograph of a beautiful society editor murdered in 1925 and clues to a century-old mystery. Within days, he meets Geoffrey Bell, the "time-travel professor," and begins an unlikely journey through the Roaring Twenties. Filled with history, romance, and intrigue, INDIANA BELLE follows a lonely soul on the adventure of a lifetime as he searches for love and answers in the age of Prohibition, flappers, and jazz.

*May Contain Spoilers*

For the first time in the American Journey series, Geoffrey Bell has someone come to him about time travel in this third book, Indiana Belle by John A. Heldt. Someone who promises to help him gain more crystals and learn the location of the original time travelling cave. Yet, someone who can't promise to leave the past alone. 

Cameron Coelho is a twenty-first century man with nothing but his dissertation studies and his former girlfriend's father as a friend. It isn't the worst life, but it isn't the best either. When Cameron comes across a diary that speaks of time travel and a photo of a murdered woman, he goes all in. In doing so, Cameron became the man he was supposed to be. Readers will enjoy Cameron's character. He's passionate, caring, loving, intelligent, and a gentleman. The main connection between readers and Cameron will be his uncertainty about letting an innocent woman die... again. Readers will either think he should leave it be so he doesn't mess up the future or they'll think he should save her and take his chances. I rooted for saving her. Candice Bell is a humorous, talented journalist who loves adventure and spicing things up. 

Indiana Belle was an enjoyable novel. Evansville, Indiana provided a good even footed setting with enough good and bad to keep the story interesting. There was a nice twist at the end, which I found surprising. Though the idea had fluttered through my head, I didn't expect it. Also, this was the first time any of the characters had traveled to the future. I thought that was a nice enhancement, though it was freaky, as it should be I suppose. I wonder now if that's how the author imagines the future to be. It would be interesting to analyze it more thoroughly to see what current events may have influenced the description of the future. Heldt is a writer who is easy to read and easy to understand. Perfect for light summer reading. As a lover of time travel novels, I recommend this to anyone else who enjoys the genre. 

Rating: 3/5 Cups

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