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Lights (Flicker #3)

30052189Lee Capren’s life is complicated. She’s in love with a boy whose heart she broke to protect him, her home is wrecked—and she and her friends have just been arrested for practicing magic illegally.

With the evidence stacked against them, they’re given a choice: serve the Seattle Guild as apprentices, or serve time in prison. The decision seems simple, but the consequences will be greater than anyone can imagine.

Navigating Seattle’s magical scene is tough enough, even before the Summer King requests Lee as his emissary to the Winter Court—a request she can’t refuse. Suddenly, she’s entangled in a conflict brewing between two ancient powers. But there’s more to this faerie feud than meets the eye—and signs point to a shadow from Filo’s past.

The coming storm will destroy all that Lee holds dear, unless she sacrifices everything to stop it.

*May Contain Spoilers*

The trilogy of Flicker, by Kaye Thornbrugh, ends with Lights. It has been a journey full of love and hate, joy and pain, friends and family. This final installment begins with Lee, Jason, Alice, and Filo being tried by the Seattle Guild. After what happened in the second book, with the cursed island, they all stand trial to determine their fate after being labeled as illegally practicing magicians. Lucky for them, for us, and for the world, they're taken on as apprentices. 

Flicker was always Filo's home and now that it's gone, Filo has a lot to learn about how the world really works. He grows so much in this novel, for the better, that readers who have been with him since the beginning will feel overjoyed at his progress. Filo was a tangle of fear, apprehension, and servitude. With the help of his friends and some experience with the world outside of his shop, Filo learns that it's okay to trust and it's okay to love. This trilogy has revolved around Filo even though Lee was the spark setting everything in motion from the beginning. 

Lee has also grown so much over the last three novels. She surprised me with her fierce loyalty and sincere courage in this last book. As they say, it all comes down to this, and Lee fought harder than ever before to save her friends. It's in this book that Lee realizes that she has a family, even if it isn't the one she was born into. This has been something Lee struggled with consistently and readers will be happy to witness her revelation. The love story between Lee and Nasser also continues in this installment, adding a sweet side plot that evokes feelings of understanding and acceptance.

My favorite part in this novel was the reveal of Filo's sister. Filo was stolen by Neman and Morgan as a young child and barely remembers his life before them. But fates works in funny ways for Filo, and he is reunited with Dierdre. Though it's a rocky relationship lacking trust, readers will revel in this part of the storyline. 

The plot of Lights is based strongly on the Fearie Courts. After being accepted as apprentices at the Seattle Guild, a war begins brewing between the Summer Court and the Winter Court. Lee and Filo are requested as emissaries due to Lee's past with Umbriel, the Summer King. They're sent to negotiate a peace treaty, but things are not as they first appear. The Kings are not acting like themselves and refuse to listen to reason while the Guild Council refuses to listen to Lee and Filo. With the human world on the line, Lee, Filo, Jason, Alice, and Nasser must figure out what is really going on and stop it before the fight between the Courts bleeds over into their world with destruction and chaos. 

From the moment I first finished Flicker, I've been enthralled with the story of Lee, Filo, Nasser, Jason, and Alice. It's been a wonderful journey and I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys fantasy, fearies, and magic. 

Rating: 4.5/5Cups

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