Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Gift of Ghosts (Tassamara #1)

13227064Akira Malone believes in the scientific method, evolution, and Einstein's theory of relativity. And ghosts.

All the logic and reason in the world can't protect her from the truth-she can see and communicate with spirits. But Akira is sure that her ability is just a genetic quirk and the ghosts she encounters simply leftover electromagnetic energy. Dangerous electromagnetic energy.

Zane Latimer believes in telepathy, precognition, auras, and that playing Halo with your employees is an excellent management technique. He also thinks that maybe, just maybe, Akira can help his family get in touch with their lost loved ones.

But will Akira ever be able to face her fears and accept her gift? Or will Zane's relatives be trapped between life and death forever?

*May Contain Spoilers*

Sarah Wynde gives a new perspective on the ability to communicate with ghosts in her novel, A Gift of Ghosts. The main character, Akira, only holds true the facts that she has learned from interacting with otherwordly beings through her experiences. And one things is certain: ghosts are more dangerous than people think. 

Akira Malone is a physicist that just happens to have the ability to see and speak with ghosts. Her father always told her that ghosts were a form of energy, following the scientific theory that energy can not be created or lost, only transferred. Akira is a cautious woman who tries to think before she acts. Especially when it comes to communicating with the dead. She's had a lifetime of trauma due to her gift and she tries to avoid ghostly contact when she can. However, Tassamara, Florida turns out to be a very haunted place when she moves there for work. This new opportunity in research puts her into contact with various ghosts and pushes Akira to the limits of her experience. Her character is fun and understanding with an intrigue for answers and scientific examination. Readers will like her abilities and feel more connected to her as they make new discoveries at the same time Akira does. 

The novel begins with Akira being hired for a new job, which causes her to relocate from California to Florida. The family she works for is revealed to be a family of psychics, in a town that attracts similarly gifted people. However, the reason the family hired her is so that they can communicate with a couple of ghosts they have been told reside with them. This set-up is uncomfortable with Akira but she tries to make the best of it, leading to a nearly disastrous result. 

A Gift of Ghosts is overall a fun and interesting read about discovering qualities and other information about ghosts. Though there is an edge of danger that lines the pages. Readers will understand Akira's hesitant nature about communicating with ghosts, as well as see first hand just how dangerous they can be. There are a few sympathetic moments that will draw readers in emotionally, building upon the spark of interest that paranormal abilities initiate. Though not a book I felt was un-put-down-able, A Gift of Ghosts was an easy and intriguing read. As a lover of science, that side of the story seemed to add a little believability. I don't think I've ever read a book before that tried to combine energy science with ghostly manifestations and I really enjoyed that Wynde included that aspect in her novel. 

Rating: 3/5 Cups

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