Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What's Next, Wednesday (39)

  •  To play along share a book you've been looking forward to reading, whether it's new or has been on your reading list for a while.


I'm looking forward to...

Kingdom's End by Charles Blanchard. The synopsis of this book really intrigued me and reminds me of something I read as a child, but can't seem to remember. (Anyone know of a daring rodent names Racso?) Anyway, this novel speaks of a kingdom run by rodents that resides in an abandoned movie theater. The new ruler of this colony seems mean and unjust, so of course there are forces working against him. I'm interested to see how these rodents serve as characters, what traits their given, and the kind of personalities they have. Is there a hero among them? Or will the unfair King cause nothing but destruction for the group?

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