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NEW RELEASE! SHE WANTS IT ALL (Book 3, Sheridan Hall Series)

Author: Jessica Calla
Genre: NA Romance
Release Date: May 16, 2017
Publisher: BookFish Books
Cover Designer: Anita B. Carroll, Race-Point US

About She Wants it All...

Happy to sing cover songs with his band and float through New Jersey University with little to no effort, Dave Novak spends the first week of college partying. Then he meets Maggie Patrinski. Performing on stage in front of hundreds is easy for Dave, but the mere thought of Maggie sends his heart racing and turns him into a bumbling idiot. Even so, he can’t get her out of his mind.

Maggie’s not exactly thrilled when her roommate sets her up with Second Floor Dave, the hottie with a reputation. Not only has she just had her heart broken, but she’s vying for a competitive summer internship and studying to become a vet. She doesn’t have time for guys and isn’t interested in falling in love, especially when she may be moving across the country for the summer.

But as Maggie gets to know Dave, his charm wins her over and she falls hard and fast. The problem? Maggie has goals, Dave doesn’t. Maggie studies, Dave doesn’t. Maggie wants it all, Dave only wants her. With their summer plans up in the air and past mistakes creeping back into their lives, their future together is uncertain. The only thing they’re sure of is that when they’re together, they’re better.


Will this be the final book for the friends of Sheridan Hall? In this third installment in the Sheridan Hall series, as their Freshman year in college comes to an end, Maggie and Dave are thrown together, but neither of them are ready for the sudden sparks that fly from the moment they embark on a date arranged by their mutual friend Megan (the main character in book two of the series).

As Maggie and Dave share the position of narrator, each of their characters come to life, shedding their supporting roles of the previous books and gaining main character status. At the end of book two, Maggie has just been dumped by boyfriend, Winston. She's sworn off boys, determined to focus on school and get a veterinary internship in Olympia, Washington. But roommate Meg made a deal and her agreement was that Maggie would go on a date with second-floor-Dave, who is rumored to have quite the reputation.

With the progression of the story line, readers learn that even though Maggie is heartbroken, she's a woman who truly wants it all. She wants the internship, the amazing grades, and the boyfriend who is completely devoted. She's an avid reader of the romance genre herself and she dreams of meeting her own hero one day. Though some readers may see this as naive, Maggie is aware of how it seems. Yet, that doesn't stop her from wanting it all. The ups and downs of this romance with Dave show that she's an intelligent and beautiful young woman who is trying to find her path. Specifically the path that allows her to be in love and be successful.

Unexpectedly, Dave just might be the beacon to that path. Early on in Freshman year, Dave made a bit of a name for himself in the rumor mill. He went a bit wild with his new college freedom and his reputation paid the price. Yet, when he first saw Maggie, all of that changed. She became his dream girl even though she had a serious boyfriend. And then, suddenly, she was single and Dave saw his chance. His determination to be a better man for Maggie is obvious, but he struggles to clear his name of the swirling rumors of his busy sexual life. As a lead singer in a band, he's constantly being hit on and propositions come from nearly every direction, especially from his neighbor, Suzi. But he wants to change. He wants to be deserving of Maggie's attention. Though his inability to speak when he's with her doesn't exactly help the situation.

When Maggie and Dave both realize that the other isn't the person they thought, the relationship takes a serious turn. After learning about each other, Maggie and Dave decides that the real is better than the fantasy, but there's trouble brewing as Winston decides that he wants Maggie back. Even though Dave is a bit obsessive and Maggie is a bit inconsistent, I think readers will root for this couple to defy the odds and the forces working against them.

My favorite things about this book is the evolution of the characters and how accurately their personalities as college Freshman are represented. Even though the book only covers a couple months, a lot happens that pushes the characters into adulthood. They each have to make complicated decisions that will alter their futures. Their Freshman year has been anything but easy, and it's written as such. Yet, when given the chance, the characters grow into their selves and experience a deepened sense of understanding in regard to love and friendship.

Readers who have enjoyed the first two installments of the Sheridan Hall series will really love this book. It's contemporary romance at its core with some very juicy descriptions. Though I didn't exactly like Maggie's views of romance-novel love, the deeper meaning of being able to have it 'all' translates well through her actions. I mean, when I was in college I wanted the same thing: perfect grades, perfect boyfriend, perfect future. (And I read my fair share of romance novels.) But real life is messy and discovering that while also learning how to adapt to it is the real lesson that will connect Maggie to readers. As for Dave, readers will no doubt think his stuttering and nervousness around Maggie are cute and quirky characteristics, but his evolution while discovering and searching for his own path and passion will make Dave seem real and dimensional.

Rating: 3/5 Cups

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About the Author...

Jessica Calla is a contemporary romance, new adult, and women's fiction author who moonlights during the day as an attorney. If she's not writing, lawyering, or parenting, you'll most likely find her at the movies, scrolling through her Twitter feed, or gulping down various forms of caffeine (sometimes all three at once).

Jessica is a member of Romance Writers of America, involved in the Contemporary, Young Adult, and New Jersey Chapters, and is a member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association. A Jersey girl through and through, she resides in the central part of the state with her husband, two sons, and dog.

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