Friday, September 29, 2017

Short Story Sundays - New Review Series

Yesterday I drove to D.C. to visit the bookstore, Politics and Prose, and to pick up my copy of Language of Thorns, a short story collection by Leigh Bardugo.

It was incredibly crowded and I'm on the short side of tall, so I got a little lost in the room. But, regardless, I had an absolute blast.

Admittedly, it was my first book signing, so I have nothing to compare it to. Still, an absolute blast. While I was there, listening to Ms. Bardugo speak about characters, plots, and planning (all things I found riveting) I had an idea. Instead of reviewing the book in its entirety, I should do a series!

There's no reason not to review this new short story collection as short stories so I'm very excited to present the tentative dates for this new review series. The first of its kind here at The Coffee Pot Review. And hopefully the start of something more!

October 1st - Ayama and the Thorn Wood

October 8th - The Too-Clever Fox

October 15th - The Witch of Duva

October 22nd - Little Knife

November 5th - The Soldier Prince

November 12th - When Water Sang Fire

This will be the schedule I'll follow for reviewing these short stories. I plan on focusing on characters, theme, and overall feel. If you want to join me in reading these fantastical stories each Sunday for the next seven weeks (with one break) please do! I'm so excited to bring this new type of review series to The Coffee Pot and I hope you'll all share what you think of the stories with me as we go! 


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