Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Flats (A Liz Boyle Mystery #1)

35966212Detective Liz Boyle knows there is no crime more heinous than the murder of a child. When she and her partner, Tom Goran, are called to a new scene in an area of Cleveland known as The Flats, they find that a killer has taken that to new levels.

As the investigation takes them deeper into the city’s seedy underbelly, the case hits frighteningly close to home when someone Liz loves is added to the list of possible suspects. While fighting her personal demons, she must also pick her way around the department bureaucracy to avoid being pulled from the case.

Liz and Tom will need to solve the most mind-bending mystery of their careers, one in which their personal and professional allegiances—and maybe their sanity—will be tested. But Liz vows to bring the killer to justice at any cost.

*May Contain Spoilers*

Kate Birdsall introduces Detective Elizabeth Boyle in this spine-chilling murder mystery that takes the life of a young boy. When the young boy's body is found, Detective Boyle is slowly taken back to when her police career had just begun. And the case will become more and more personal as the clues stack up. 

Liz Boyle is a troubled woman who mentally suffers from shooting a criminal while on duty. This coupled with her last break-up seems to define her. This gives the impression that Liz has trouble letting go and trouble moving on from tragedy. Or perhaps, sadness in general. She isn't the type of person to share the whole story and she doesn't follow the rules very well. However, she has a trustworthy gut that helps her close cases. Readers will connect with Liz both sympathetically and empathetically as the reader gets more information about Liz than anyone else in the story. I think readers will also enjoy, and respect, how hard Liz is trying to be a more complete person or a more stable person, for lack of better terms. She recognizes the problems that she does struggle with and is focused on overcoming them. Though Liz is a little unpredictable, untrusting, and has a bad-girl vibe, she's a good person who is loyal and truly wants to help people. Although this does make the cases she works affect her more than others. 

The case that this first installment revolves around includes a young boy's kidnapping and the subsequent discovery of his body in an alley, missing a hand. Liz and her partner Tom are assigned to the case and it turns out that the mother of the son was one of Liz's professors in college. Here begins the connection to Liz's past and the path that she will take to save not only herself but also someone very close to her. As the novel progresses, more clues are uncovered and the person responsible hits Liz pretty close to home. I admit that I did not have it figured out before the murderer was revealed nor was it too far-fetched that I didn't believe it. The book itself was moderately intriguing though at times I felt like it moved a little slow. I liked Liz's character but I didn't feel myself getting too invested. It wasn't a book that I couldn't put down but it was interesting to read when I wanted to pick it up. 

Rating: 2.5/5 Cups

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  1. I think I might enjoy it. Sounds like it would be a good movie.