Friday, February 9, 2018

A Tycoon's Jewel (Sin City #1)

36456631Can a man who came from nothing trust a woman who lost everything?

Six years ago, Jenna McCormick lost it all—her parents, her fortune, and her family’s jewelry empire. After the shock wore off, Jenna realized she didn’t need her fortune to be happy. Today, she has her brother’s love and a small apartment. She doesn’t miss the champagne lifestyle she left behind. But she can never forget the day Grant Blakely stole her family’s company, placing himself at the helm. She was half in love with Grant, her father’s protege, now the youngest black CEO in Las Vegas history. She never wanted to ask him for help. But now she has no choice.

When Jenna asks Grant for a job, he’s certain she must be joking. Even Jenna couldn’t have burned through her trust fund that fast. She’s persuasive, though, and her appeal hasn’t faded. Grant tests Jenna’s resolve: he hires her, but as his assistant. She won’t be able to put up with the menial tasks and hard hours of a real job. But Grant fails to predict how the sizzling attraction grows between them as he discovers she’s not the playgirl she used to be.

Soon, the spark between them reignites. But can Grant trust her? And can Jenna trust the man who took everything from her?

*May Contain Spoilers*

Avery Laval gives readers a contemporary romance with a classic feel in her novel, A Tycoon's Jewel. Set in the bustling city of Las Vegas, NV, two enemies will have to put the past behind them in order to move forward. 

Jenna's character is incredibly interesting because in her past she is described as a rich, snobby, party girl who was not interested in working for anything. She expected her life to be full of sparkles and sunshine. Definitely not someone I would like. However, now, six years after her father's death and her brother's breakdown, Jenna is a completely different person. She knows the value of hard work and is willing to put in the effort in order to secure her brother's mental health treatment. This drastic turn around in her character will have readers connecting with her and rooting for her to succeed. Even if she still likes playing dress-up, Jenna's character is one that demonstrates how life can force you to grow up. 

Grant's character is pretty much the opposite of Jenna's. Grant's father taught him not to trust and that he could only rely on himself to succeed. Now, Grant's the CEO of McCormick Jewels but has no one that he can truly connect with because he keeps everyone at arm's length. This makes him good in business but not so good in relationships. With his father's past mistakes clouding his vision, Grant can't see that Jenna has really changed for the better. Thus, the fun between them begins. Since this is a romance novel, readers pretty much know how the story goes, but it's fun to watch Grant and Jenna get there. They have both heated arguments and sweet exchanges. While they're both trying to hold back in order to remain professional (Grant is Jenna's boss after all!), each character is falling for the other even if they're buying land in the world of denial. There's also the grudges they both have against each other - Grant thinks Jenna is spoiled while Jenna thinks Grant stole her company, which isn't the case for either of them. 

With so much drama, this romance novel definitely delivers what the genre typically promises. Though a couple parts were a little too mushy for me, it was a fun book to read. Though I think it would have been even more interesting if Jenna and Grant's roles were reversed in the plot. If Jenna was the boss and Grant the scorned and suffering ex-playboy who was trying to rebuild his life... I think I may have liked that better. Regardless, A Tycoon's Jewel was a quick, easy, and entertaining read that offered a little getaway from the realities of adulting. I'd definitely recommend it to readers who enjoy contemporary romance with a lot of drama but a serious backstory. 

Rating: 3/5 Cups

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