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Years in an Instant

36872927When we last left our heroine at the end of the critically acclaimed novel "Like a Closed Fist", Phoebe was floundering. Left with a broken heart and shattered pride, she turns to the much older Mitch to pick up the pieces. This time, her father’s best friend doesn’t resist her.

Bruce, everyone’s favorite tough-love dad, finally takes a stand and tries to break the mismatched pair up. Phoebe, hurt and humiliated once again, runs away from home. Out on her own for the first time, she learns life’s greatest lesson: how to grow up.

Phoebe 2.0, mature and enjoying her independence, is determined to take a break from romance. But, as often happens, her best-laid plans go awry. Is it just a rebound, or will Phoebe fall in love?

With Bruce, Mitch, Annie, Mark, Frankie, Mason, Leo, and another trip to beautiful North Carolina, this California girl has another adventure in store for her!

*May Contain Spoilers*

Years in an Instant by E.H. Nolan is the sequel to Like a Closed Fist, which I reviewed a little over a year ago. With the ending of that book leaving Pheobe's life in complete chaos, the second part of the story was bound to come out. Though highly immature in the first book, this sequel shows Pheobe attempting to grow up and be her own person -- but relationships, love, and heartbreak get in the way once again. 

In this installment of her story, Pheobe tries to be a mature adult, but the way she begins is anything but. Involved with a married man since her wedding-that-never-happened, Pheobe thinks Mitch will leave his wife for her. But he won't. Though she doesn't realize this -- her dad does and puts a stop to Mitch's interest in his daughter. Thank goodness! Pheobe's dad was my favorite character in the first book and he is sadly absent for most of this novel. Though he does do the right thing for his daughter before he steps aside from the cast list. Pheobe's reaction to her father's actions are a bit ridiculous. She moves out of their family home without so much as a text message and into an apartment listed on Craigslist. Then Frankie comes back in the picture and she's completely over Mitch and moving on to fall in love with the Merchant Marine who lives across the country. 

Though the book was entertaining, it was really difficult to take Pheobe seriously. She falls in and out of love a lot. And I know that your 20s are all for figuring stuff out, but I was judging her decision-making skills from the start. A few times throughout the book I almost didn't want to continue, but it never got that bad. 

However, let me emphasize it wasn't the writing style. It wasn't the storyline. It was the main character. I felt like I couldn't connect with her. She's described as the woman who every man wants because she's so beautiful, but she's so trusting and naive that those men end up using her or trying to abuse her. To say it's bothersome is an understatement. Overall, I didn't feel like she was realistic enough to connect with. I want her to grow into a stronger character and a stronger woman who doesn't need to fall in love with every man who shows interest in her. And I want her to decide for herself who she wants to be with, not jump at every opportunity. I also want her to put her life goals ahead of her constantly shifting love life. I mean, she loses her job in this book because she's chasing after a man who told her he did not want to be with her. 

I'm starting to ramble, which is something I do a lot. My own character flaw. As a novel full of drama and entertainment, I would recommend this book. However, as a book that readers can connect to, I think that's a struggle... And even though there was a cliffhanger ending (again) I don't know if I'll read the next book. It doesn't seem like my cup of coffee. 

Rating: 2.5/5 Cups

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